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Item Classification

IMAFS' item classification is unique

It will take into account a number of factors such as:


  • Item criticality

  • Hits ( usage frequency)

  • Consumption value

  • Life cycle of the item (new, obsolete)

  • Item status (non stock, inactive)

  • Particular characteristics such as being repairable or a kit, etc.

The software is flexible and will allow you to do your item classification by product family and warehouse.


Users can define their own criteria of inactivity (period of non utilisation) by product family or warehouse.


IMAFS allows the user to integrate special classes.


IMAFS can establish classes by alternating between criteria like consumption value or frequency within the same product family.


The user can change the item's classification manually if circumstances change.


Our software lets you adapt your inventory management strategies by item class, by family and by warehouse. It also offers a multitude of reports by item class, by family and by warehouse to help you implement and follow your strategies.